Frequency asked questions

On this page you can find frequently asked questions about GTA IV Vehicle Mod Installer
issues and answers to them.

Before you send mail with question try to find it here, maybe somehow already asked about it?

Q: I want to install model into game but I afraid what something will wrong. How to safe?

A: Create game folder copy before start experiments with modding.
You can always roll-back your game from copy if something will wrong without game reinstallation.

Q: I installed model by application and game doesn't start now. What I should to do?

A: This situation may happened if you have installed model to "clear" game, which has no required for modding tools installed.
To fix this situation there are two possible solutions:

If you created game copy before starting model installations, you can copy all files from copy to game folder.

You can use application for restore all installed models. Restore process is described here in details.
Use last application version (v1.7), it has many bugs fixed and restore algorithm also.

To prepare your game for modding you should install some additional tools.

Be informed what installing any additional tools to game is prohibited by game license.
It can made your game license invalid and you can loose all your scores and saves.
Do it on your own risk!!!

One way how you can prepare your game for modding is install one of models by "hand", i.e. without using my application.
Detail process how to install model, as a rule, is described in readme file for model which you want to install.
If you follow to readme file instruction carefully, as a rule, everythink will finish successfully.
When you will install your first model successfully, you can use my application to simplify models installation process.

You can also read how to prepare your game for modding for example here.

Q: I have and ICIRH5, ICIRH3, ICIRP02, ISHAS1, PTEXDVC1 or other application error. How to fix it?

ICIRPH5 error
A: There are two reasons why this error is occured

You can't install model when your game is run because it locks some required files and application can't get access to them.
Model installation procedure should look like this:

Use last application version (v1.7) and install models when your game is turned-off.
See this FAQ also to eliminate some models installation side effects.

Q: I started the application but it can't find path to the game. How to fix it?

invalid path
A: It is an application issue which is occured in some users. It was fixed in v1.3 application version. Use last application version (v1.7) to eliminate this issue.

Q: I upgraded my application to v1.3 and message, what required "american.gxt" file is missing, is shown. How to fix it?

american.gxt is missing
A: It is v1.3 application issue which sometimes occured when patch for game is installed. It was fixed in v1.4 application version. Use last application version (v1.7) to eliminate this issue.

Q: I started the application and message, what required "gtaiv.exe" file is missing, is shown. How to fix it?

gtaiv.exe is missing
A: There are several possible reasons why it was happened.

Q: I started the application but it does not appears. Why?

A: It is v1.1 application version issue. It was fixed in v1.2 application version.
Use last application version (v1.7) to eliminate this issue.

Q: I installed model and run the game but after some time of playing it is crashed. What is happened?

A: Such situation may happened when you replaced vehicle what was previously saved in game (parked on parking near flat).
Game can restore modded vehicle from save incorrectly what can do it unstable and it can crash.
If you have such situation you should definitely remove all modified vehicles from all parkings.
It can be quite difficuilt to remove vehicles from all parkings at once due to game instability and quite long distance between them.
It is recommended to save game and restart it after removing vehicles from each parking.
It increases the chances what game will alive longer and you can to arrive to next parking.
Unfortunately sometimes it does not help even if you remove all modified vehicles from all parkings. In such case you can try to start new game.
For models spawning use trainers like Simple Native Trainer.
It can spawn any vehicle (original and modified) and have many other interesting features.
Try to investigate their possibilities and remember what modding is only for fun, not for game walkthrough.

Q: I want to restore installed model to original, but application asks me about original "vehicles.img" files. Where can I find them?

A: You can try to find them in internet. If you did not find them, follow this instruction, if you have standalone game version, or this instruction, if you have Steam game version, to make game repair process.

Q: Is there application version for PS3, XBox or Mac OS X game versions?

A: No. Application is designed and tested for standalone and Steam Windows game versions only.

Q: I installed several models and now in my game I see only taxies. Why?

A: It is well-known "Taxi Bug" issue in GTA IV engine. It starts to spawn the same vehicle when it can't to load models to memory.
Generally there is no solution for this issue, but there is workaround for it.
There are several modifications, like Traffic Flow which try to spawn random vehicles before game engine spawns taxies.
It can works but such modifications can spawn too many random vehicles what is "hard" to game and it may slow-down or even freezes.

Q: I downloaded the application but I don't know how to use it. Is there some help, tutorial or user manual?

A: Yes, you can find it here.